tell your brand story

The power to go further starts with great quality video

Our unique service product is designed to make it easy for you to get a compelling and effective, high quality video about your Personal, Business, or Product Brand - an essential tool to help you stand out and fascinate your customers in today's crowded marketplace. We specialize in delivering messages with emotion and communicating with substance through the medium of film.

But we're not the hero in this story... You are. Read on to begin your journey.

The Hero's Journey Begins...

We know you’re looking for something more. But like any great hero, you’re reluctant. Reluctant to brave new territory. The old way isn't working but you’re uncertain of your place in the future of the rapidly changing market and reluctant to take a chance spending marketing dollars on seemingly infinite and complicated options. You’re not sure what to do, so you do nothing. The Reluctant Hero.

We’re here to help. 


Every Hero Needs a Great Mentor


We're like the "Yoda" of Film Production

Your journey has brought you here. Why? Because you need the help of a mentor to point you in the right direction.

We can make a video that will help define your Brand for your customers. Whether it’s your personal brand, business brand, or product brand, we can help tell your Brand Story. We are professional storytellers using the medium of film to bring out your best and share it with the world in a compelling and high quality Brand Story Video. Consider it a first, necessary step towards increasing the value of your business.

One small step with us... is one giant leap for Brand-kind.

Increase the Value of Your Business & Brand

With a higher-value brand you can charge more and in turn grow your business, live a better life and contribute more to the world. 

Use your Brand Story Video to: 

  • Build confidence in your Brand (both for you and your customers)
  • Give prospects and customers a reason to care
  • Add content to your website that has purspose
  • Connect with your audience through emotion
  • Communicate with substance
  • Use it to kick off sales presentations and events
  • Be seen in the best quality image, sound and editing

A defining process

We’re in our 17th year of film and television production. Over the years, our experiences have helped us develop a process that can build your story so it’s simple, touching, and fascinating. Easy for your audience to watch, and also interesting and memorable. The key element is… You. Using a documentary-style approach, we know the important questions to ask and we’ll work with you to gather the important visuals to support the story. Our development process helps define who you are by looking at how your customers see you. We aim to fascinate your customers in a way that is unique to your brand strengths and only gives them exactly what they need to connect, care, and desire more.


Wisdom Through Experience

Director Jeremy Major has personally designed the Brand Video Process, which is founded in his breadth of experience in both marketing-related film work and long-form film work, from TV series to feature films.

This, combined with the professionalism of a strong production team means you're in good hands from start to finish.


Ready to achieve your destiny?

Want to journey to exciting new dimensions with your business? Contact us today for pricing and to get started with your Brand Story Video. We also offer a range of production services that can help you in other ways too - just ask!