About Us


Films are powerful. We believe that when stories make an emotional connection with the audience, they can do more than simply entertain. They have the power to change people’s lives for the better.

Our 19 years of experience is rooted in a cinematic approach, where a focus on strong storytelling is at the heart of everything we do. Yes, everything. Whether it’s commercial campaigns, television programs, brand stories, or films, the art and science of a cinematic approach is key to resonating with audiences.

On our journey, we’ve witnessed how attitudes can shape a production and directly impact the product. We lead with positivity and integrity. 

We understand that film is a collaborative medium, and we constantly aim to harness that power by nurturing relationships and actively listening, to draw out the best from all involved. 


Some people ask why we keep so quiet. It’s not that we’re quiet, we’re just not ones to loudly toot our own horn. We like to focus on the craft, and let it speak for itself. 

We’re incredibly grateful for where we’ve been…

Since 2000, we’ve produced and serviced feature films for theatrical and VOD, produced documentaries and reality programming for television, including Rogers Sportsnet, PBS, Biography TV, CHCH TV, Global TV, VisionTV (now Zoomer), produced advertising campaign content for foundations like United Way, Ronald McDonald House, MacKids. We’ve provided post production for icons like the Barenaked Ladies. As well, we’ve produced original content through government initiatives such as Heritage Canada and the Millennium Partnership Program. 

Our experience is broad and has culminated a strong understanding of the technical and creative. We’ve won several awards along the way for excellence in such areas as cinematography to overall production. 

There, we did a little horn-tooting. 


We’ll always be committed to excellence. That means constant learning, practice, and seeking new challenges and partnerships.

We’re currently developing and executing on a slate of feature films. To find out more, drop us a note.


Producer/Director Jeremy Major
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