Artless Released on Digital

Our festival film Artless has just arrived on digital outlets like iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Instant Video. We're really excited to get it out into the world! Plus, we've added some special reasons to rent or buy it today. Visit the official website here:

In the green

It's always a joy to shoot greenscreen at Pie in the Sky Studios. Here are a couple behind the scenes pics from an as-of-yet "classified" project! We made the photos black and white partly for style, but also to save you from the mind-altering states that happen with days spent staring at green. 

History and the modern machine

Thanks to Ian Rae and the team at Motorwerks Magazine for featuring some photography from director Jeremy Major, shot at a couple of BMW events. Juxtaposing a historic setting like Dundurn Castle with the killer BMW i8 and mounties on horseback, is a setup for sexy. Read the spread here: Motorwerks Magazine →

Not everyone gets to go home this holiday

We're honoured to be an ongoing key production partner for Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation. They work hard in our community to support the medical services throughout the massive hospital organization. We produce and edit documentaries and commercials for their fundraising campaigns throughout the year, but this holiday campaign is particularly special and we're delighted to be able to share it with you here. It features Christena Hampson as a patient who can't make it home this holiday. 

A spooky partnership with Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra

Director Jeremy Major partnered with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (HPO) and the Hamilton Film Festival, to create a short film that would be screened with the orchestra's live performance of Camille Saint-Saëns' haunting composition, Danse Macabre, at a family Halloween concert. The music is based on an 1870s poem that tells the story of Death calling forth skeletons to dance for him in the night. Major collaborated with choreographer Christena Hampson to build a stylized story centred around dance and movement. The film is modelled after the surreal look and feel of old black & white films like Georges Méliès' A Trip to the Moon. It was filmed at The Zoetic Theatre with makeup by Christina McCarthy from Glitterbug Face & Body Art. Check out the dedicated performers in this photo gallery. Thanks to everyone involved!

Artless heads to Western New York

We're excited to announce that the Shooting Eye-produced feature film, Artless, is screening at a cool festival in Batavia, New York. FAME (Film, Art, Music Event) is featuring the film as part of their Girl Power program at the festival on August 13th. Artless is a tragic love story set during the East Coast power outage of 2003.