boldly going

We’ve been on our own journey for more than sixteen years now, following our creative instincts and pursuing meaningful projects. When people said we couldn’t pull it off, we just had more to prove. When obstacles blocked our path, we found new ways to overcome them. When the traditional held us back, we innovated. We have grown in amazing ways and learned more than we could ever have imagined when we set out. And it’s thanks to the people we have met along the way - the partners, clients and collaborators whose desires and passions give us inspiration and nudge us in new, exciting directions. We could never have predicted the course we would chart, but that’s the best part. That said, our destination has never changed. We still aim to be the best at what we do.

We are here and ready when your journey needs the imagination and follow-through of a creative contributor. Our medium for expression is motion pictures. From film to TV and everything in between. 


Our Credits

The Shooting Eye Corporation is an enterprising motion picture production company based in Southern Ontario with credits in feature films, award-winning documentaries, award-winning educational programs, and commercials. Our team of producers have a passion for storytelling and innovative approaches to filmmaking and distribution through partnerships.