New "JUXT" premieres at HFF

Nicolette Paradela

NOV 2012  |  Okay, so... The Shooting Eye team - you know the one that's won awards for their past short films - had a little too much fun with their new film. When Nathan Fleet at the Hamilton Film Festival asked Jeremy Major to direct this year's instalment of an original continuing story for the festival, Major had no idea what shape it would take. The fourth of a series of short films, Major's new "JUXT" is a departure from anything he and his team at The Shooting Eye has ever done!

Nathan Fleet posts on Facebook:
"JUXT is an HFF original project. Each year a filmmaker is selected to create a short film. The only instruction is that it features, or mentions Hamilton and that it is left open ended. We have no say outside of that. Ken Turner & Paul J. Boresky, Jason Hofing, Craig F. Watkins contributed 1, 2 & 3 respectively. This year we will see the 4th instalment of JUXT by Jeremy Major of The Shooting Eye. It was just delivered to me and it is incredible! See all 4 Juxt films back to back on Fri Nov 9th at 9:30pm in the experimental category."

Staircase Theatre, Friday, November 9 at 9:30pm, Hamilton ON.