Memories of a touching film

Chuck Mugford

DEC 2012  |  It's been one year since the release of "Lifetime in a Box", a short film produced for BravoFACT. We thought it might be fitting to share it once again. it features Chuck Mugford who also has a role in Jeremy Major's upcoming feature film, "Artless."

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NOVEMBER 2011  |  Without memories life can be a lonely place.

This is the theme of a Shooting Eye-produced short film that premieres this month. Lifetime in a Box stars Chuck Mugford and Jacqueline Johnson as an elderly couple facing the challenges of aging. Directed by Jeremy Major and Aaron Lam, the film was funded by the BravoFACT foundation to assist Canadian talent.

Filmed in Oakville, Binbrook, and Gravenhurst, Ontario, the directors wanted to depict a moment in time that would perhaps raise more questions than answers.

"We often live our lives without really appreciating the little things, the small moments that seem unimportant at the time," says Lam, who also penned the script. "When we look back at our lives, the small moments are what define the journey."

Flashbacks and old photographs were fabricated to show the main characters in their distant youth. The producers brought in an old car and used aging techniques to stretch the timeline of the story over several decades.
"We had fun making things look old," says Major, who also composed the music. "Putting together the right clothing and props was a big part of making the film authentic."

Matthew David Lupal and Crystal Lupal