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Artless heads to Western New York

We're excited to announce that the Shooting Eye-produced feature film, Artless, is screening at a cool festival in Batavia, New York. FAME (Film, Art, Music Event) is featuring the film as part of their Girl Power program at the festival on August 13th. Artless is a tragic love story set during the East Coast power outage of 2003.

'Artless' is theatre's Premiere Screening

Jeremy Major as Luke in 'Artless'

We made a feature film recently. It's called Artless. Directed by Jeremy Major, it's the story of -- actually, you know what, we're not going to say what it's about! Let's just say, it's a roller-coaster ride of emotions. It was an Official Selection of the Hamilton Film Festival and was the Premiere Screening at The Zoetic on Feb 8, 2014, a theatre (formerly The Movie Palace) we recently purchased so we can watch all our films on the big screen! That's not the only, reason, but it's a fun one. Find out more here

'artless' is complete

Christena Hampson in artless

SPRING 2013  |  What begins as a surreal romance between two artists turns to tragedy when the largest blackout in history threatens their relationship.

This is the story behind Jeremy Major's new feature film, artless. Filmed in Hamilton and New York City last summer, the film is now finished and being launched for film festivals. Stay tuned for more...